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Days of Arctic and Antarctic in Moscow

International Arctic Forum


November 25-27, December 3, 2020



Dear friends and participants,
we are pleased to inform you about the resumption of the Federal Arctic Forum "Arctic Days in Moscow" which will be held on the 25-27th of November. The exhibition "Faces of the Arctic" by photographer Vadim Shtrik will be open from the 3rd of December on Strastnoy Boulevard in Moscow.
Under present circumstances, we are forced to adapt the format - most of the events will be held online. We hope that this will only expand the circle of participants and will not allow the epidemiological situation to affect our plans.
News, program updates, as well as technical features of the upcoming events will be published on the official website of the Forum -
Stay tuned!

мероприятия форума 25.11.2020

мероприятия форума 26.11.2020


November 25, 2020. Moscow. Kremlin

Dear friends!
I welcome you to the International Forum, which this year expanded its agenda to mark the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian sailors Fabian Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, that bears the name "Days of the Arctic and Antarctic in Moscow".

It is important that despite the online format of the current Forum, you managed to unite on its platform a large number of participants - representatives of government authorities, scientific, public, environmental organizations, business, the media - from Russia and a number of foreign countries. Offer them and numerous guests a meaningful business, cultural, youth and children's program. And, of course, the Forum will present the main directions of the Chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council in 2021-2023.
Let me emphasize that Russia invariably pays priority attention to the harmonious development of the Arctic territories, to building up our presence on the White Continent. We are focused on strengthening comprehensive international cooperation - both in the Arctic and in the Antarctic, on the implementation of joint promising projects in the scientific, environmental, infrastructural, and humanitarian spheres. And here civic and public initiatives, a direct dialogue of specialists from different countries are in great demand.
I am sure that the Forum will be held in a fruitful manner, will give a start to new ideas and undertakings.
I wish you successful work and all the best.

Vladimir Putin


I am very glad to welcome the participants and guests of the International Forum
"Arctic Days in Moscow"!

The Arctic is a special region on which the ecological well-being of the planet largely depends on. This is a huge territory with rich amounts of resources and their development today requires innovative solutions and advanced technologies.

Our task is to ensure the sustainable development of this land, to reveal its powerful potential. Create all the conditions for a stable growth in the standard of living of 2.6 million residents of the Arctic zone of Russia.

This is a lot of work that we are doing together with scientists, public organizations, business and the northerners themselves. Now the foundation is being laid for the advanced development of the Arctic territories of our country. And I hope that the international forum, where real professionals in this field have gathered, will make a serious contribution to the common cause.

I wish all the participants of the "Arctic Days in Moscow" fruitful work, new ideas and reliable partners!

Yours faithfully,
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Alexander Kozlov




To organizers, participants and guests of the International Forum
"Arctic Days in Moscow"
Dear friends!
I welcome you to the International Forum "Arctic Days in Moscow".
For many decades, our country has been conducting a comprehensive scientific study of the North and South Poles, which have unique resources and colossal development potential. Today, the traditions of polar research are being adequately continued, including within the framework of international cooperation.
Holding the Days of the Arctic and Antarctic in Moscow contributes to solving urgent problems of the development of these regions, ensuring their environmental safety and preserving their unique nature. A lot of attention is paid to domestic and foreign experience in the development of cities and settlements in the Far North, the preservation of the original traditions of its indigenous peoples.
I wish you, dear friends, successful work of the Forum, fruitful business contacts and memorable impressions of your stay in hospitable Moscow.
Mayor of Moscow
Sergey Sobyanin

Dear participants and guests of the International Arctic Forum!
Please accept my sincere congratulations on the opening of the forum "Arctic Days in Moscow"! For Russia, the Arctic plays a strategic role, M.V. Lomonosov said: "Russian power will grow in Siberia and the Northern Ocean and will reach the main European settlements in Asia and America." So, exactly 200 years ago, the expedition of Fabian Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev discovered the sixth continent - Antarctica.
Through the efforts of the Russian peoples, the power of not only our country, but also of all mankind has grown. In the 21st century, the world has come to understand the enormous impact that the Arctic and Antarctic territories have on climate and ecology. Russia is a world leader in the field of research, conservation of the Arctic and Antarctica, and the intelligent development of circumpolar territories. This is evidenced by the growing popularity and importance of the Arctic Forum regularly held since 2010 in Moscow.
I wish all the forum participants good luck, fruitful work, useful contacts, as well as constructive dialogue and effective interaction.
I am confident that together we can turn the Arctic into a territory of peace, stability and partnership.
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection
Nikolay Valuev

Dear Colleagues!
Dear friends!
I am glad to welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the International Forum "Arctic Days in Moscow - 2020".
Held since 2010, the Arctic Forum has rightfully won the authority of one of the most significant events in the country and the world, attracting the attention of specialists and the general public.
From year to year, more and more influential political and public figures of the country and the world, representatives of scientific and business structures, and the expert community take part in the forum.
This will attract even more attention of specialists and the public to this event. The issues of scientific, industrial, economic and social development of the circumpolar territories, associated with environmental safety, are relevant for the entire human civilization.
The NOVATEK company is currently implementing large-scale projects in the Russian Arctic.  We are building modern production facilities in the Far North and are developing the richest subsoils of this land. At the same time, we always treat fragile Arctic nature as carefully as possible, without harming the unique ecosystems. In 2020, the topic of the forum has expanded due to the issues of Antarctic research. We plan to pay special attention at the upcoming Forum to the study of the Earth's South Pole, which is especially valuable and significant in the year of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by the legendary Russian navigators F.F. Bellingshausen and M.P. Lazarev. Today this continent is an example of peaceful international cooperation, which, of course, needs only to be strengthened and expanded.
With all my heart I wish all the Forum participants successful work, interesting meetings, productive discussions, development of new directions and points of contact in international activities in the Arctic and Antarctic!
By combining our efforts, we can achieve a lot!
Yours faithfully,
Chairman of the Board
Leonid Mikhelson


  The International Arctic Forum "Arctic Days in Moscow" has been held since 2010 and traditionally arouses the big interest of the public, Russian and foreign representatives of culture, scientific, political circles, leading federal and foreign media.

To honor the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian explorers Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, the Forum changed the name to "Days of Arctic and Antarctic in Moscow" and the Antarctic theme has been added to the official agenda of the forum in 2020.

This year, the Forum priority is to unite together efforts of the authorities, business, and society to handle issues of sustainable development of the Arctic territories, the implementation of national projects in the Arctic.

Within the framework of the forum will be held plenary and “table topic” sessions, as well as the International Scientific Congress.

The events will be attended by representatives of federal executives, executives of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, member states of the Arctic Council, leading Russian and foreign companies and research, public and environmental organizations.

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