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Days of Arctic and Antarctic in Moscow

International Arctic Forum


November 25-27, December 3, 2020



Dear friends and participants,
we are pleased to inform you about the resumption of the Federal Arctic Forum "Arctic Days in Moscow" which will be held on the 25-27th of November. The exhibition "Faces of the Arctic" by photographer Vadim Shtrik will be open from the 3rd of December on Strastnoy Boulevard in Moscow.
Under present circumstances, we are forced to adapt the format - most of the events will be held online. We hope that this will only expand the circle of participants and will not allow the epidemiological situation to affect our plans.
News, program updates, as well as technical features of the upcoming events will be published on the official website of the Forum -
Stay tuned!

Head of Organising Committee

Marina Yavorskaya

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Anna Lulko

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Communications with Media Partners

Ivan Sukhiy


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