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Federal Arctic Forum

NOVEMBER, 21-25 2018


Dear friends!

I would like to welcome all the participants of “The Arctic Days in Moscow” Forum!
Almost a third part of the Arctic zone is within the state border of the Russian Federation. Therefore, we realize how important it is.
Our goal is to ensure the sustainable development of the Arctic Region along with careful use of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity and vulnerable Arctic ecosystems, care for small-numbered indigenous peoples of the unique land.
It is imperative that the ecological safety and protection of the unique nature with deep-frozen soil are considered to be among the key priorities of national policy and international collaboration.
Therefore, “The Arctic Days in Moscow” is the event not just to unite the expert community from different countries but also to facilitate the responsible development of the richest Arctic territories and to encourage gaining more information about the power and energy of the Arctic Region.  

I would like to wish all the Forum participants to get great experience and good results.
Let me invite all of you to feel the warmth of the Russian Arctic in the very center of Great Russia!

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Kobylkin


Dear participants of the Forum!

Careful development of the Arctic territories with a third part of them being within the Russian borders seems to be one of the major challenges of our times. It must become the task of the national level. Therefore, I believe it is imperative for as many interested parties as possible to take part, including government officials, scientists, business people, representatives of non-commercial organizations and usual citizens. Involving volunteers can become the significant support for solution of vital regional tasks. And the Agency for Strategic Initiatives is ready to provide as much support as possible in this field.

New technologies and innovative solutions including those supported by the National Technological Initiative can also become the true driver for development of the Arctic region. Primarily, it is the potential of unmanned transport which can be used in extreme temperature conditions without damage for the environment.

I hope the Forum will become the platform for creating reasonable and fruitful solutions when their following implementation will provide opportunities for development of this complicated territory of the Arctic region.

General Director
of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Svetlana Chupsheva


  “The Arctic Days in Moscow” Federal Arctic Forum is the follow-up event of “The Arctic Days” Festival which has been organized since 2010 and which traditionally sparks interest among the public, major federal mass media, scientific and political figures.  

In 2018 the Forum will combine over ten business and cultural events focused on the Arctic topic, including the plenary session on “Ecological agenda. For the sake of development. For the sake of a human being” to be conducted in “Russia Today” International News Agency, the international program dedicated to 25 years of collaboration in the Barents (Euro-Arctic) Region, the strategic session on “Infrastructure projects of the Arctic Region”, the “Public Diplomacy” inter-regional program, the “Green Diplomacy” youth program and the extensive program on “Polar Circle. Boulevard Ring”.

The main goals of the event are focused on raising awareness about natural, historical and cultural objects of the Arctic Region, on making the territories of Russian Far North more attractive for tourists by different means including photo art and cinema art, on telling about the greatness of the diverse world of the North and the Arctic Region and on the productive dialogue related to solving ecological tasks in the Arctic Region.


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